New milestone for Pil & Bue

Published February 17, 2017 in Fenja, News releases.

The PL 586 partnership has passed the second decision gate (DG2) for the Pil & Bue project.

This milestone is the formal decision of continuation of the project (Beslutning om videreføring – BOV). The project has initiated FEED-studies (Front End Engineering and Design). The plan is to pass the final investment decision (DG3) by the end of the year.

As communicated in November 2016, the selected concept for the field development is a subsea tie-back to the Njord platform.

“The decision demonstrates the ability to move the Pil & Bue project ahead. We look forward to maturing the project further towards the final investment decision and submitting the PDO by the end of the year,” says Atle Sonesen, Managing Director of operator VNG Norge.