Pil & Bue


As operator of PL586 we completed a successful drilling programme in 2014 with the Pil & Bue discoveries, followed by the exploration programme in the Boomerang prospect in 2015.


Pil discovery well

  • A 226 m hydrocarbon column in Jura reservoir rock; 92 m gas and 134 m oil

Pil 2 appraisal well:

  • A 82m oil column in Upper Jurassic reservoir rocks of good quality.

Pil resource estimates:

  • 7.5 - 14.9 million Sm3 recoverable oil and condensate.
  • 3.7 -  5.9 billion Sm3 recoverable gas

Bue - a separate accumulation

Bue exploration well: A 18m hydrocarbon column in reservoir rocks of good to very good quality.
Bue resource estimates: 1.5 – 2.6 million Sm3 recoverable oil equivalent.

Boomerang discovery well

  • An approx. 590 metre thick unit of Upper Jurassic rocks, 20 metres of which are sandstone with good reservoir quality.
  • 2-5 million Sm3 recoverable oil equivalent.