We are a licensee in five producing fields on the Norwegian continental shelf – Brage, Njord, Hyme, Draugen and Ivar Aasen.

Since we emphasise being an active and constructive partner in our licences, substantial technical work is pursued in-house to help optimise production and reserves. A strong team for reservoir geology, modelling and simulation has been established at our offices in recent years.

One condition for getting the maximum out of reserves and production is well-calibrated reservoir models that can describe the hydrocarbon-producing formations. We pay close attention to advances in reservoir description and historical adjustments to reservoir models. By ensuring better placement of future wells and optimum production, improved model quality will help boost value creation.


  • PL 348
  • Discovery in 2009
  • 2.5 % ownership

Photo: Equinor

The field is located in PL 348 in the Norwegian Sea, about 19 kilometres North East of Njord and 10 kilometres west of Draugen. We have a 2.5 per cent interest in the licence, with Equinor as operator. Hyme was discovered in 2009, and ranks as the first producing field where we have been involved in every phase from discovery to production.

Hyme helped boost our daily output by 485 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) after coming on stream in early March 2013.

With an estimated volume of 30 million boe (Mboe) of oil and gas, Hyme could extend the producing life of the existing Njord A platform by a number of years and thereby contribute to further value creation for VNG Norge. Several prospects identified in PL 348 are currently under evaluation. The 2013 Snilehorn discovery, now Bauge field, will also be developed as a tie-in to Njord

Equinor – Hyme


  • PL 107
  • PL 132
  • 2.5 % ownership
  • Production started 1997

The Njord oil field is located in the Southern part of the Norwegian Sea, about 30 kilometres West of Draugen. Oil and gas was proven in 1986. Njord is located in PL 107 and PL 132. We have a 2.5 per cent interest, with Equinor as operator.


Photo: Equinor

The field has been developed with a floating steel-hulled platform, Njord A, supporting drilling and process facilities as well as quarters. In addition comes the Njord B oil storage ship.

Njord came on stream in 1997. Gas exports first began in 2007. Oil and gas recovery is currently expected to total more than 330 Mboe. This represents a substantial increase from the 200 Mboe forecast in the original plan for development and operation (PDO).

An extensive maintenance and modification campaign was pursued on Njord A in 2012 to lay the basis for extending its producing life and for accommodating output from Hyme and Njord’s north-west flank. The process plant was also optimised for low-pressure production. Due to concerns regarding the platform’s structural integrity, Njord A will be towed to shore for major modifications in the summer of 2016. Njord’s licensees aim to keep the field on stream up to 2040.

Equinor – Njord


  • PL 053B
  • PL 055
  • PL 055B
  • PL 055D
  • PL 185
  • 4.4424 % ownership

brageBrage is located in the Northern part of Norway’s North Sea sector, due east of the Oseberg field. It comprises PL 053B, 055, 055B, 055D, and 185. We have a 4.4424 per cent interest.

Brage has been developed with a fixed integrated production, drilling and accommodation facility with a steel jacket

On stream since 1993, Brage reached peak production of 120 000 barrels per day (b/d) in 1996. The field’s licensees have applied to extend its producing life until 2030. With improved understanding of the hydrocarbon-bearing formations and an active programme of drilling new wells, it will be economic to produce oil and gas from Brage for many years to come.

Wintershall – Brage


  • PL 093
  • PL 176
  • Operated by A/S Norske Shell
  • VNG Norge share 7.56 %

Draugen is an oil field in the Norwegian Sea. It comprises PLs 093 and 176. A/S Norske Shell is the operator. VNG Norge has a 7.56 % share, other partner is Petoro.

draugen2The water depth is 250 metres. The field has been developed with a concrete fixed facility and integrated topside. Draugen is developed with six platform wells, five of which are producing, and six subsea wells.

On stream since 1993, Draugen reached peak production in 1999.
Several measures to increase oil recovery have been evaluated. Based on a 4D seismic survey from 2009, an infill drilling campaign was sanctioned in 2011.The project includes four production wells and a subsea pump. The first well was successfully drilled in September 2013. The Linnorm development has been put on hold due to marginal profitability.

Shell – Draugen


  • PL 001B, PL028 B, PL242, PL338 and PL457
  • Operator: Aker BP
  • VNG Norge’s share: 3,0230%

Ivar Aasen

The Ivar Aasen field is located in the northern part of the North Sea, about 175 km west of Karmøy, and contains around 186 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe). Production started 24 December 2016. The water depth is about 110 metres.

The development comprises a production, drilling and quarters (PDQ) platform with a steel jacket and a separate jack-up rig for drilling and completion. In alignment with the government’s desire this is a coordinated development with neighboring field Edvard Grieg. Oil and gas from Ivar Aasen is processed and exported from Grieg platform, which also supplies power to Ivar Aasen.

AkerBP – Ivar Aasen