We have interest in 39 licences on the Norwegian continental shelf and serve as operator for five of these. Our activities are continuing to expand, and growth will largely be organic.

Our exploration operations are concentrated on the NCS in the North and Norwegian Seas, and on the Central Graben area of the Danish North Sea. The aim is to participate along the whole development and production value chain in these areas.

Our largest discovery so far is in the Pil prospect in PL 586 on the Halten Terrace in the Norwegian Sea, which covers parts of blocks 6406/11 and 6408/12. The discovery was larger than expected.

Drilling was performed by the Transocean Arctic rig, and included sidetracks into respectively the Pil prospect and the Bue prospect in the same licence. Exploration in the licence continued in the Boomerang prospect in 2015, where an oil discovery was made.

Our interest in PL 586 is 30 per cent, with Point Resources (45%), Suncor (17,5%) and Faroe Petroleum (7,5%) as our partners.

pilogbue_coreVNG Norge’s discoveries on the Halten Terrace has led to renewed interest in the area, reflected in the APA 2014 as well as extensive drilling activities in the area in 2015.

VNG Norge is partner in PL 457 where the Asha-discovery was made in December 2012. The discovery is located east of Ivar Aasen (PL 001B). On 30 June 2014, a unit agreement was reached between PL 001B, PL 242, PL 457 and PL 338 for the Ivar Aasen development on the Utsira High in the North Sea. Det norske oljeselskap ASA is operator and VNG Norge AS has 3.023 per cent interest in the unit.

We took part in the Statoil operated 6407/8-6 and 6407/8-6A Snilehorn (now Bauge field) exploration wells in PL 348 in the Norwegian Sea, completed in November 2013. The wells proved oil. Our interest is 2.5 per cent.

In the Danish North Sea, we are involved in the Solsort discovery in licences 3/09 and 4/98. The Solsort-2 appraisal well to test the western flank of the structure was drilled in the autumn of 2013.

In APA 2014, six licences were awarded – one as operator: PL 779 (Operator VNG – 40%), PL 798 (partner with 20%), PL 799 (partner with 20%), PL 794 (partner with 20%), PL 793 (partner with 20%) and PL 700B (VNG partner with 20%).

In APA 2015, four partnership licences were awarded – all in our core area: PL 833 (30%), PL 834 (30%), PL 830 (20%) and PL 831 (20%).

Two operatorships and two partnerships were awarded in APA 2016: PL 889 (VNG operator 60%), PL 886 (partner 20%), PL 882 (VNG operator 40%) and PL 867 (partner 30%).

In 2015 VNG Norge was a partner in four exploration wells:

  • Bister (PL 348). Operator Statoil, VNG Norge 2.5%
  • Hagar (PL 642). Operator Repsol, VNG Norge 10%
  • Portrush (PL 793). Operator Shell, VNG Norge 10%
  • Lorry (PL 700 B). Operator Lundin, VNG Norge 20%

All four wells were dry.

We have set ambitious goals for our Norwegian operations, and are working continuously to mature prospects and plan exploration wells which can be drilled in the coming years. Forthcoming licence rounds offer us great opportunities, and we will be equipped to tackle many new assignments ahead. This will further strengthen our expertise and capacity.