Who we are


Building our culture

To reach our goals and succeed in our ambition to become an operator in the whole value chain, we see it is as essential to work in integration with our business processes and building our culture – the way we think, act and interact.

As basis for our work is our common purpose: "Building a profitable and sustainable E&P story for the benefit and pride of the owners, the employees, the industry and the authorities".

We work systematically to build a high performance culture based on our shared purpose where we care about what we can achieve together – and where we enjoy challenges, anticipate changes and are committed to perform and deliver according to our core values.

Our core values and leadership principles

We value good performance. It is not only a matter of what we do and achieve, but also of the way we do things and how we behave towards each other. Our core values describe the behaviour and attitudes which shall characterise us, and provide guidelines when we face choices and decisions. These values – our RITA:

  • AtleSonesentake Responsibility
  • act with Integrity
  • show Team spirit
  • have Ambitions

– are more than words. They are experienced as well integrated in everything we do, including our teambuilding activities. Compliance with our values is given as much emphasis in our annual employee performance and development reviews as the attainment of work goals. This is also reflected in our remuneration system.

To be able to build a high performance culture, we also need managers who see their role as culture builders and change agents ensuring one leadership is being developed and practiced towards our employees. Our leadership principles and assessment of fulfilling these, is one out of several measures to enable this. We require our managers to be goal- and profit-oriented, decisive, clear, and able to delegate and to develop others.