Strategic platform

The VNG Group’s commitment to Norway and Denmark has a long-term perspective.

The VNG Group is one of Germany’s biggest importers of and dealers with natural gas and its big storage facilities ensure stable deliveries to customers both at home and in the rest of Europe.

Pursuing its own petroleum exploration and production activities is highly significant in strategic terms for the VNG Group.


The Group has now integrated and concentrated its expertise in this area with us at VNG Norge AS. This followed an initial import contract with GFU (Norway's Gas Negotiation Committee) in 1993, and a substantial part of the VNG Group’s gas deliveries has subsequently derived from the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).

Our goals are ambitious, and we have set clear growth targets for our petroleum exploration and production activities. As a fully integrated E&P company on the way to becoming a development and production operator, our strategy contains several important and demanding elements.

We will:

  • continue to be a recognised exploration player, and to be the best in our core areas
  • be represented in the most promising areas of the Norwegian and Danish continental shelves
  • participate in field development projects as both partner and operator
  • continually develop our organisation so that we can accept more and larger obligations, and be well prepared for our assignments and challenges.

We will prove oil and gas resources, and mature these from discovery to production, through the evaluation of new seismic information, advanced and coherent data modelling, participation in licensing rounds and delivery of high-quality applications and high drilling activity.

New and interesting opportunities in exploration licences, drilling prospects and partnerships will also be assessed. Farming in and out of licences forms part of our portfolio management.

Ensuring good organisational capacity and building individual and collective competence to take on greater tasks and responsibility will be more important than ever.


Our exploration operations are concentrated on the NCS in the North and Norwegian Seas, and on the Central Graben area of the Danish North Sea. The aim is to participate along the whole development and production value chain in these areas.

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  • Farming in and out of licences forms part of our portfolio management.