Our history


Plan for Development and Operation for Fenja approved.

APA 2017: Two operatorships and six partnership awards

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Awarded two operatorships and two partnerships in APA 2016.

Plan for Development and Operation for Fenja submitted.


Awarded four partner licences in APA 2015: PL 830 (20%), PL 831 (20%), PL 833 (30%) and PL 834 (30%), all in our core area on Halten Terrace.

Ivar Aasen started production.

Concept selection for Pil & Bue development.


In APA 2014, six licences were awarded – one as operator: PL 779 ( VNG, operator 40%), PL 798 (partner with 20%), PL 799 (partner with 20%), PL 794 (partner with 20%), PL 793 (partner with 20%) and PL 700 B (VNG partner with 20%).

Exploration wells with sidetrack drilled in the Boomerang prospect (PL 586). Extensive exploration programme in PL 586 ongoing with 4 firm wells.

  • Awarded Rystad’s Gullkronen “Explorer of the Year” for the discoveries in Pil & Bue.
  • Partner in PL 793, drilling of Porthrush prospect.
  • Partner in PL 700, drilling of Lorry prospect.
  • Partner in PL 642, drilling of Hagar prospect.


Discovery in Pil prospect on PL 586, operated by VNG Norge with a 30 per cent interest. Our partners are Spike, Faroe and Rocksource. Drilling operation performed by Transocean Arctic.

Six new licences in APA 2013, of which three as operator: PL 270B (VNG operator with 85%), PL 753 (VNG operator with 40%), PL 757 (VNG operator with 60%), PL 741 (VNG partner with 20%), PL 742 (VNG partner with 20%), PL 749 (VNG partner with 20%).

Successful appraisal well in Pil prospect on PL 586. Asset organisation PL 586 in place June – before drilling operations completed. DG0 passed in November.

Gotama wildcat on PL 550 was proven dry. Operator Tullow Oil Norge (80%). Partners: VNG Norge (10%) and Det norske oljeselskap (10%)

Acquisition of Chevron’s shares in Draugen leads to increased daily production and P2 reserves, and strengthens our position on the Halten Terrace.

Asha discovery unitised. We become partner in the Ivar Aasen field development.


We are awarded two new operatorships and interests in two other licences in the 2012 APA round during January.

Hyme comes on stream, only three years after it was discovered in 2009.

The VNG Group’s new strategy clarifies and reinforces its commitment to exploration and production.

All exploration and production expertise in the group is concentrated with VNG Norge from 1 September.

Atle Sonesen becomes our new Managing Director.

Participation in the Ogna prospect (PL 453 S), the Mjøsa prospect (PL 511) and Asha East and Amol prospects (PL 457). All classified as dry.

We participated in the 6407/8-6 and 6407/8-6A Snilehorn wildcats in PL 348, which were drilled in the Norwegian Sea from September to November 2013. We have a 2.5 per cent interest. Statoil is operator, with GDF SUEZ, E.ON, Core and Faroe as the other partners. The wells proved oil.

The appraisal well Solsort 2 proved hydrocarbons in the Solsort discovery in licences 3/09 and 4/98 on the Danish continental shelf. Our interest is 15 per cent. DONG is the operator, with Bayerngas and Nordsøfondene as the other partners.


We are awarded four operatorships and interests in two other licences in the 2011 APA round.

A wildcat on the Asha prospect, where we are a partner, results in an oil discovery which is later defined as part of Ivar Aasen in the North Sea. The decision is taken to include Asha in the development of the latter field.

We are involved as a partner in the development of the Hyme field in the Norwegian Sea, a tie-back to the Njord A platform.

Participation in the Noor prospect (PL 457) and the Albert prospect (PL 513). Both classified as dry.


We are awarded two operatorships and interests in three other licences in the 2010 predefined areas (APA) round.


We are awarded an operatorship in the Norwegian Sea in the 21st licensing round.

We grow out of our premises in both Stavanger and Oslo and move to new offices at Hinna Park and Filipstad Brygge respectively.


We are awarded interests in three licences in Norway’s 2010 awards in predefined areas (APA) round.


We follow up our commitment in the North Sea by establishing VNG Danmark ApS as a fully owned Danish subsidiary.

VNG Danmark is involved in an oil discovery in Denmark’s Solsort prospect, and has a 15 per cent interest in the 3/09 and 4/98 licences covering this discovery.


In April VNG AG acquires the American-owned exploration company Endeavour, based in Oslo. VNG Norge AS and Endeavour Energy Norway AS are merged October. The new company has 39 employees, interests in a total of 21 licences, and offices in both Stavanger and Oslo.


The merger with Endeavour also means that VNG Norge qualified as an operator on the Norwegian continental shelf.

We make our first discovery as an operator in the Agat block in PL 270, about 50 kilometres north of the Gjøa field in the North Sea, relinquished in 2015.


The VNG Group becomes more strongly involved along the whole value chain for gas deliveries. In an important strategic move, VNG Norge AS in Stavanger is established.

We are qualified by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy as a licensee on the Norwegian continental shelf.