VNG Norge is a fully integrated exploration and production company in the VNG Group.

The VNG Group ranks as one of Germany’s leading importers of, dealers with and distributors of natural gas, and has been a customer of Norwegian gas producers and exporters since 1996.

We were established in Stavanger as VNG Norge AS in 2006 to pursue exploration and production activities on the NCS. In 2009, VNG AG acquired American owned Endeavour Energy Norge AS that was based in Oslo. In October 2009, we were merged into one VNG Norge, keeping offices in both cities.

In 2010, we made our entry into the Danish North Sea sector through the establishment of our wholly owned VNG Danmark ApS subsidiary.

Pursuing its own petroleum exploration and production activities is highly significant in strategic terms for the VNG Group. Since 2013, the group has integrated and concentrated its expertise in this area with us at VNG Norge AS. The Group’s involvement in and commitment to Norway and Denmark has a long-term perspective.

VNG Norge


The VNG Group has strengthened its commitment to exploration and production – concentrating its overall E&P expertise with us. Clear targets for growth in reserves and production are set.

In recent years, we have regularly secured additional licence interests from the Norwegian licensing rounds. We will continue to apply for new licences in our priority areas on the NCS.

Our aim is to increase production substantially through participation in licensing rounds, active exploration and business development.

We were involved in seven exploration wells on the NCS in 2013, and plan to maintain this high level of activity in the years to come.

The discovery in the Pil prospect in PL 586 in the Norwegian Sea could change our company. The Plan for Development and Operation of the Fenja field was delivered in December 2017.

Atle Sonesen became our Managing Director in May 2013.

VNG Danmark

VNG Danmark ApS was founded in 2010 as our subsidiary.

VNG Danmark is run from Norway, where we have established a separate organisation with the necessary expertise in geology, field development, drilling, reservoir, business development, and sale and transport.

We have a 15 per cent interest in the Solsort discovery in licences 3/09 and 4/98. Solsort is in a very interesting phase. An appraisal well – Solsort 2, including a sidetrack – was drilled in the autumn of 2013, testing the western side of the structure. Concept selection studies are ongoing.


VNG Group

VNG – Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft is a European natural gas importer with its head office in Leipzig, Germany. It is active along the whole value chain, with exploration and production, trading, transport, and storage as its core areas. The main shareholder is EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG.

To ensure gas supplies for its customers at home and abroad, VNG has entered into long-term import agreements and also buys gas on the open European market. Russia, Norway and Germany are all important suppliers of gas to the group. The VNG Group also operates a modern pipeline transport network that is over 7,000 km in length.

VNG’s underground gas stores, with a total volume of 2.4 billion cubic metres, make another important contribution to security of supply. This storage capacity is available to all participants in the gas market.

The Group’s roots extend back more than 50 years in the Eastern Germany, and its present form results from the change to Germany’s political system in 1989. Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft was established in Leipzig on 29 June 1990, two days before the German economic and monetary union came into force. It was the first fully privatised East German company.

The VNG Group has strong regional ties and an international presence, with companies and interests in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, France, Denmark and Norway.