High health, safety and environmental (HSE) standards have great value for Norwegian society, for our partners and for us who work in VNG. We influence the world around us by generating revenues and creating positive spin-offs. But our activities also involve risk, and we work continuously to minimise this.

This means ensuring our operations are pursued in line with the industry’s best standards. They shall not cause harm to people nor the environment.

We aim to be active on the Norwegian Continental shelf, both as a partner and as an operator, also regarding HSE, and we work to promote our views and assessments in the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO), and HSE Network for small operators and licensees (SOL).

As operator for PL 586, we have drilled wells in the Pil, Bue and Boomerang prospects. Our preparations have included developing expertise and capacity to reduce risk during this drilling operation. We have further enhanced our procedures and routines, as well as implemented an extensive training programme for everyone involved.

CF011101An emergency organisation has also been built up through courses and training, which has resulted in the creation of six teams responsible for strategic crisis response. VNG Norge is a member of the Operator Association for Emergency Response (OFFB), which supports the tactical handling of emergencies

Being an active partner also means promoting a positive safety culture. We take our see-to-duty seriously in our partnerships.

This includes ensuring that the operator is observing the highest HSE standards. And we look for risk-reducing solutions when taking part in planning activities.